miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013

Thanksgiving and more news!

We graduate from Leadership Develpment Course!

We are back home! After 6 weeks of training and much ministry to our hearts! It was a great time in Colombia. God has renewed our strength, has taken things He did not like from our hearts and gave us a new passion and love for His work! So we are back!!
Since we weren’t here in Lima, our house project hasn’t started yet. Also, we are still a little bit over half away from our goal and once the project stars we will need to raise all of it within the month.

I ask for your prayers, to be completely honest with you it never gets easy to trust God for finances. I know He is going to provided, He has always done it, but it is always a stretch of faith. Not knowing who God will use to provide for our need, it can be stressing. Also I found out that been in ministry for over 5 years God has provided me with so many friends, and a lot of my friends assume I have a great monthly support or that a lot of people are giving for my needs, but the true is that God has provided the money we raised for our house from a hand full of people. I keep trusting and knowing He is going to surprise us again!

We will spend Christmas at the Jungle, with Mally’s parents and her aunts and uncles are coming from Colombia. I will be speaking on purity at a youth camp at the jungle as well. We will mix ministry with family!
Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for friends like you, people that God has putted in our path to grow together and to bless the nations! I pray the Lord will make a way or us to meet and enjoy life together!

May the Lord bless you and keep you and your family save now and always! We love you!

Cesar preaching at a Colimbian Church.

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