sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

Our home!

Walls are up!!!!!
Hello everyone!
we are very happy to see our dream coming true! our home is looking every day more like an actually little house! and we are very excited to see God is with us and he is continue to provide for our home!

We are still raising the las 5 000 USD for the completion. we have enough money for the next couple weeks; please help us to finish this dream and see it come through!

Mally and I are staffing Lima DTS, this year we have 10 students! yay! this is probably one of our largest school we ever had. They are starting 3rd week of class. This year Mally has 2 girls she will be mentoring during the lecture phase and I will have 2 guys!
My wife and I were just talking about how much we love to mentor people, it is truly a privilege to be able to shape peoples lives and help them to find their purpose and destiny in Christ. We believe God is raising an army of young people that are committed to him and to the great commission. We are already seeing God working in their hearts, uprooting things He does not like and putting in new passion and desires for the ministry! it is truly inspiring and exciting to be able to help them!

For our outreach we will be going to Brazil!! this will be one of those time that I don’t really know what they are saying! :) but Mally will, so at least I will have my personal translator! lol


1. Please pray for wisdom as we disciple young people for God.

2. Please pray for our finances, as you know we are still raising 5000 USD for the house and
only God can do this. If you want to give, please do; we really want to see this come true!

3. With these mayors expenses is hard to think about traveling and doing missions, but we firmly believe God has called us to keep extending his kingdom. So we are going to be joining the DTS Outreach for a few weeks, we
already have the first 400 USD of the 1200 USD
for our trip. Please pray that God will provided for this.

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