sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2016

Dic Newsletter 2016

Dear Friends and Family

Merry Christmas! We pray that during this Christmas season God will make himself more real to you; is in Him that we can find everything we need, he´s our rock and salvation!

We apologize for the long wait for our newsletter, but please be sure we are keep fighting the good fight bringing the news of Jesus to everyone we can! These last 6 months has been months full of work but also of growth, persona growth.

Our work with YWAM is still going, helping with all the paperwork for the ywam schools (2 a year now), helping with some of the English logistic, teaching in other things. We must tell you thought that since the YWAM base move to the new location (about 2. He is from lima) it has been hard for us to spend entire days at the base, due to our work with our new church.
The DTS graduation was 2 days ago, we have a school of 3 students. They recently cam from outreach, is amazing to see how God raises new workers for his kingdom!

I never thought about this, but working with Missions and planting a church are 2 very big different ministries! And therefore you need a different set of skills for each one! And this is why I keep saying that we are growing and learning. Learning the skills but also growing in our character. One of the big differences is that our work with YWAM we only see the youth for 4 weeks (summer camp) a year, or 5 months (DTS) a year. But at church it is a constant discipleship with our youth; Their struggles are real and most of them are so wound it and hurting looking for someone for help. I believe this is why the world has such a pull on the youth; if we as churches are more open to receive ALL the hurting it will be a different story.

Lets talk about Joel for instance; a nice guy, he came from a Christian home but walked away from God for a while, during his time “off” he encounters pleasures and things from the world that create a big hard heart; when I first meet him I thought he would never come back to our youth group, I thought he was there because his parents make him; he is 19, has a great voice and is a natural leaders, great qualities for a youth leader, but not yet… after a few months God start moving in his heart, he comes to my discipleship group every week and one of those days I asked him to accompany me to Cieneguille (YWAM) he didn’t know we had so much time to talk… and we did God minister to his heart and now He’s on such fire for God! He’s playing the guitar and leading worship on Mondays prayers, and some Sundays he plays at church. Is not only his service to God that has change him, but also the fact that he knows God is real, his relationship with God was full with doubts but now he embraces who he is and who God is, he’s truly a different person! I’m praying that God will do the same with all our youth. I’m also praying he will do DTS and perhaps serve him full time!

2ND Church Retreat

A few weeks ago we had our second retreat. The 1st one was about a year ago and we had about 30 people, this time we were close to the 70 people!!! Pastor Roger preach in all the sessions, I got to translate for him; Ann his wife taught about marriage good times! We really feel like a church family, and is not only because of our size, but because we do know each other. We care and pray for one another; during this retreat we spoke about Gods future, the time in heaven, how that will be for eternity but the time we have on earth is as important as our time in heaven. Is what we do here that will impact our eternity, our future! It showed us how much work to do is left on earth, and also how much better we need to manage our time and be effective in what we do! God really blessed us this retreat!

Prayer requests:

1.         Please pray for our spiritual walk as a couple, that God will continue to show himself to us and that we can grow together as a couple
2.         Also please pray for Mayi, we´ve gone to the ER twice in one week, first time was because of a throat infection, but the second one was because she had a really bad headache; we tried all pain killers we know before going to the ER, but even then the pain was still there; we got the OK from our health insurance to do a MRI of her brain, this is a very expensive test, but thank God we have health insurance in Lima, it does not cover all but it is a great help.
3.         Please pray for peace as we go to the dcs and see what’s wrong.
4.         Finally, pray for our finances, that God will continue to give us wisdom to manage them and be faithful in all that He has given us

And Remember, Jesus IS the greatest expression of Love from our Father! He is faithful indeed and His mercies are new everyday!!!!
Please let us know how can we be praying for you.
César and Mayerlin Ausejo.

domingo, 12 de abril de 2015

First 3 months of the year! full work!

domingo, 3 de agosto de 2014

sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

Our home!

Walls are up!!!!!
Hello everyone!
we are very happy to see our dream coming true! our home is looking every day more like an actually little house! and we are very excited to see God is with us and he is continue to provide for our home!

We are still raising the las 5 000 USD for the completion. we have enough money for the next couple weeks; please help us to finish this dream and see it come through!

Mally and I are staffing Lima DTS, this year we have 10 students! yay! this is probably one of our largest school we ever had. They are starting 3rd week of class. This year Mally has 2 girls she will be mentoring during the lecture phase and I will have 2 guys!
My wife and I were just talking about how much we love to mentor people, it is truly a privilege to be able to shape peoples lives and help them to find their purpose and destiny in Christ. We believe God is raising an army of young people that are committed to him and to the great commission. We are already seeing God working in their hearts, uprooting things He does not like and putting in new passion and desires for the ministry! it is truly inspiring and exciting to be able to help them!

For our outreach we will be going to Brazil!! this will be one of those time that I don’t really know what they are saying! :) but Mally will, so at least I will have my personal translator! lol


1. Please pray for wisdom as we disciple young people for God.

2. Please pray for our finances, as you know we are still raising 5000 USD for the house and
only God can do this. If you want to give, please do; we really want to see this come true!

3. With these mayors expenses is hard to think about traveling and doing missions, but we firmly believe God has called us to keep extending his kingdom. So we are going to be joining the DTS Outreach for a few weeks, we
already have the first 400 USD of the 1200 USD
for our trip. Please pray that God will provided for this.

miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013

Thanksgiving and more news!

We graduate from Leadership Develpment Course!

We are back home! After 6 weeks of training and much ministry to our hearts! It was a great time in Colombia. God has renewed our strength, has taken things He did not like from our hearts and gave us a new passion and love for His work! So we are back!!
Since we weren’t here in Lima, our house project hasn’t started yet. Also, we are still a little bit over half away from our goal and once the project stars we will need to raise all of it within the month.

I ask for your prayers, to be completely honest with you it never gets easy to trust God for finances. I know He is going to provided, He has always done it, but it is always a stretch of faith. Not knowing who God will use to provide for our need, it can be stressing. Also I found out that been in ministry for over 5 years God has provided me with so many friends, and a lot of my friends assume I have a great monthly support or that a lot of people are giving for my needs, but the true is that God has provided the money we raised for our house from a hand full of people. I keep trusting and knowing He is going to surprise us again!

We will spend Christmas at the Jungle, with Mally’s parents and her aunts and uncles are coming from Colombia. I will be speaking on purity at a youth camp at the jungle as well. We will mix ministry with family!
Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for friends like you, people that God has putted in our path to grow together and to bless the nations! I pray the Lord will make a way or us to meet and enjoy life together!

May the Lord bless you and keep you and your family save now and always! We love you!

Cesar preaching at a Colimbian Church.

jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013

Greater challenge, greater faith!

It has been a couple weeks since our last update. God is sooo good!!! This is our 4th week in Cartagena and God is renewing us so much! This week class was on inner healing. It is amazing how God can go back to your past and show you where a certain lie was planted and then He shows you what the real truth is, His truth about ourselves and about that particular situation! I never thought we could cry so much, but is a great time to be minister to. It is our time for “inreach” instead of “outreach”

We want to thank you for your prayers and support! We are still several thousands far from our goal, but are so encourage by God through generous people like you. Please pray for us and if our Lord is moving your heart to give, please let us know.

Our desire is not only to have a place that we can call it home, but to create an atmosphere where we can minister to our staff and be a blessing to our generation. We believe God is calling us to open not only the doors of our home but the doors of our hearts to minister to those in need.
Thank you for dreaming with us!

Our classmates, Leadership Deveploing Course (LDC)

Studying, Studying...Cesar, what are you looking at?

This is our bedroom! our front door was our bedroom door! :)

Dear friends!

Greetings from the hottest city we have ever been! Cartagena Colombia! This has been an incredibly week, a week of refreshment and learn new things; God is so good to us. The school my wife and I are taking is called “School of leadership development course” is a very heart focus school. Trying to find you, and getting to know you as a person before leading others. It has been one of the richest experiences we ever had. God is equipping us for the present and for the future.

“ I am so happy that we were able to come to Colombia, God knows I was longing my home and the Lord allowed me to come to the base where I did my DTS, it was great seeing old friends and my former leaders. God is changing my heart and putting his priorities right” – Mayerlin

The timing work out perfectly for our house building, since we didn’t have any place to live (they will build in the same place where our bedroom was) been in Colombia give us a little bit over a month for the construction to be done! We pray that shortly after we return to Peru, our house will be done! Perhaps even before! Praise God!

We continue praying and asking support of this mega dream! So far we were able to raised 4,500 USD we are still needing 10,500 USD to finish our home. Would you please keep praying for us and if the Lord is moving you to give, please do. No matter what the amount is, it will be greatly appreciate it and very useful. We are in this together! You have always been part of our ministry and dream! I remember the times I started doing missions back in 2006 and many of you helped me to launch on this dream. Please ask God if this might be an opportunity to give to our ministry again.
Thank you so much! Thank you for your friendship and support!


miércoles, 25 de septiembre de 2013


Hello everyone!

God is great and His love and Mercy endures forever! We are very exhausted after a 2 weeks trip to Ecuador, we just got home 2 days ago and our bodies are still recuperating for all the ministry. We were able to serve with Ps. Maribeth Kelley from Arkansas. I was translating and my wife was in charge of recording and interviewing people. During these 10 days we saw great miracles! Starting with people getting saved all the way to seeing a woman coming out of a wheelchair. Truly God is using His church mightily in this end times. We were so blessed to be able to be part of this great ministry!

Cesar at the radio

Spiritual Mom!

Mally recording!


TV Station

Now we are getting ready to go to school! That’s right, my wife and I are taking a 12 weeks school of leadership with YWAM in Cartagena. Thanks to God and to all of you we were able to raise all the funds for the school and for the plane tickets (2,000 USD) now we are saving for the “spend money” in Colombia. I must share with you that this is a very important and special trip for my wife, since she did her DTS in Cartagena and of course she is Colombian, so it will be good to be back in her “mother land”. We are excited because this school is an answer to our prayers; we are eager to learn more from God, especially in leadership. The YWAM Base in Cartagena is known in South America for their several schools over the year; this school of leadership (LDS) is oriented for YWAM BASE leaders and potential base leaders. Please keep us in your prayers as we equipped ourselves for do a better job for His kingdom!

Chinese outreach

One of our passions as a couple is to serve in our local church. However since our life is so “on the move” is hard to do it every Sunday. Nevertheless we had the opportunity to help and share the salvation message on a special church outreach. Mally and I are part of a marriage small group, and we all decided that we could teach how to cook Chinese food and reach out couples from our communities. It was a great time! We had 2 salvations and good food!

Couple from our neighood

Chinesse buffer!

Prayer request:
1. For our finances, we havent reach our monthly support yet, and we are in need of funds for our monthly needs.
2. For the time in the school, that God will teach and speak to our hearts as a couple but also as leaders of YWAM Lima.