jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013

Greater challenge, greater faith!

It has been a couple weeks since our last update. God is sooo good!!! This is our 4th week in Cartagena and God is renewing us so much! This week class was on inner healing. It is amazing how God can go back to your past and show you where a certain lie was planted and then He shows you what the real truth is, His truth about ourselves and about that particular situation! I never thought we could cry so much, but is a great time to be minister to. It is our time for “inreach” instead of “outreach”

We want to thank you for your prayers and support! We are still several thousands far from our goal, but are so encourage by God through generous people like you. Please pray for us and if our Lord is moving your heart to give, please let us know.

Our desire is not only to have a place that we can call it home, but to create an atmosphere where we can minister to our staff and be a blessing to our generation. We believe God is calling us to open not only the doors of our home but the doors of our hearts to minister to those in need.
Thank you for dreaming with us!

Our classmates, Leadership Deveploing Course (LDC)

Studying, Studying...Cesar, what are you looking at?

This is our bedroom! our front door was our bedroom door! :)

Dear friends!

Greetings from the hottest city we have ever been! Cartagena Colombia! This has been an incredibly week, a week of refreshment and learn new things; God is so good to us. The school my wife and I are taking is called “School of leadership development course” is a very heart focus school. Trying to find you, and getting to know you as a person before leading others. It has been one of the richest experiences we ever had. God is equipping us for the present and for the future.

“ I am so happy that we were able to come to Colombia, God knows I was longing my home and the Lord allowed me to come to the base where I did my DTS, it was great seeing old friends and my former leaders. God is changing my heart and putting his priorities right” – Mayerlin

The timing work out perfectly for our house building, since we didn’t have any place to live (they will build in the same place where our bedroom was) been in Colombia give us a little bit over a month for the construction to be done! We pray that shortly after we return to Peru, our house will be done! Perhaps even before! Praise God!

We continue praying and asking support of this mega dream! So far we were able to raised 4,500 USD we are still needing 10,500 USD to finish our home. Would you please keep praying for us and if the Lord is moving you to give, please do. No matter what the amount is, it will be greatly appreciate it and very useful. We are in this together! You have always been part of our ministry and dream! I remember the times I started doing missions back in 2006 and many of you helped me to launch on this dream. Please ask God if this might be an opportunity to give to our ministry again.
Thank you so much! Thank you for your friendship and support!


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