miércoles, 25 de septiembre de 2013


Hello everyone!

God is great and His love and Mercy endures forever! We are very exhausted after a 2 weeks trip to Ecuador, we just got home 2 days ago and our bodies are still recuperating for all the ministry. We were able to serve with Ps. Maribeth Kelley from Arkansas. I was translating and my wife was in charge of recording and interviewing people. During these 10 days we saw great miracles! Starting with people getting saved all the way to seeing a woman coming out of a wheelchair. Truly God is using His church mightily in this end times. We were so blessed to be able to be part of this great ministry!

Cesar at the radio

Spiritual Mom!

Mally recording!


TV Station

Now we are getting ready to go to school! That’s right, my wife and I are taking a 12 weeks school of leadership with YWAM in Cartagena. Thanks to God and to all of you we were able to raise all the funds for the school and for the plane tickets (2,000 USD) now we are saving for the “spend money” in Colombia. I must share with you that this is a very important and special trip for my wife, since she did her DTS in Cartagena and of course she is Colombian, so it will be good to be back in her “mother land”. We are excited because this school is an answer to our prayers; we are eager to learn more from God, especially in leadership. The YWAM Base in Cartagena is known in South America for their several schools over the year; this school of leadership (LDS) is oriented for YWAM BASE leaders and potential base leaders. Please keep us in your prayers as we equipped ourselves for do a better job for His kingdom!

Chinese outreach

One of our passions as a couple is to serve in our local church. However since our life is so “on the move” is hard to do it every Sunday. Nevertheless we had the opportunity to help and share the salvation message on a special church outreach. Mally and I are part of a marriage small group, and we all decided that we could teach how to cook Chinese food and reach out couples from our communities. It was a great time! We had 2 salvations and good food!

Couple from our neighood

Chinesse buffer!

Prayer request:
1. For our finances, we havent reach our monthly support yet, and we are in need of funds for our monthly needs.
2. For the time in the school, that God will teach and speak to our hearts as a couple but also as leaders of YWAM Lima.

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