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Dic Newsletter 2016

Dear Friends and Family

Merry Christmas! We pray that during this Christmas season God will make himself more real to you; is in Him that we can find everything we need, he´s our rock and salvation!

We apologize for the long wait for our newsletter, but please be sure we are keep fighting the good fight bringing the news of Jesus to everyone we can! These last 6 months has been months full of work but also of growth, persona growth.

Our work with YWAM is still going, helping with all the paperwork for the ywam schools (2 a year now), helping with some of the English logistic, teaching in other things. We must tell you thought that since the YWAM base move to the new location (about 2. He is from lima) it has been hard for us to spend entire days at the base, due to our work with our new church.
The DTS graduation was 2 days ago, we have a school of 3 students. They recently cam from outreach, is amazing to see how God raises new workers for his kingdom!

I never thought about this, but working with Missions and planting a church are 2 very big different ministries! And therefore you need a different set of skills for each one! And this is why I keep saying that we are growing and learning. Learning the skills but also growing in our character. One of the big differences is that our work with YWAM we only see the youth for 4 weeks (summer camp) a year, or 5 months (DTS) a year. But at church it is a constant discipleship with our youth; Their struggles are real and most of them are so wound it and hurting looking for someone for help. I believe this is why the world has such a pull on the youth; if we as churches are more open to receive ALL the hurting it will be a different story.

Lets talk about Joel for instance; a nice guy, he came from a Christian home but walked away from God for a while, during his time “off” he encounters pleasures and things from the world that create a big hard heart; when I first meet him I thought he would never come back to our youth group, I thought he was there because his parents make him; he is 19, has a great voice and is a natural leaders, great qualities for a youth leader, but not yet… after a few months God start moving in his heart, he comes to my discipleship group every week and one of those days I asked him to accompany me to Cieneguille (YWAM) he didn’t know we had so much time to talk… and we did God minister to his heart and now He’s on such fire for God! He’s playing the guitar and leading worship on Mondays prayers, and some Sundays he plays at church. Is not only his service to God that has change him, but also the fact that he knows God is real, his relationship with God was full with doubts but now he embraces who he is and who God is, he’s truly a different person! I’m praying that God will do the same with all our youth. I’m also praying he will do DTS and perhaps serve him full time!

2ND Church Retreat

A few weeks ago we had our second retreat. The 1st one was about a year ago and we had about 30 people, this time we were close to the 70 people!!! Pastor Roger preach in all the sessions, I got to translate for him; Ann his wife taught about marriage good times! We really feel like a church family, and is not only because of our size, but because we do know each other. We care and pray for one another; during this retreat we spoke about Gods future, the time in heaven, how that will be for eternity but the time we have on earth is as important as our time in heaven. Is what we do here that will impact our eternity, our future! It showed us how much work to do is left on earth, and also how much better we need to manage our time and be effective in what we do! God really blessed us this retreat!

Prayer requests:

1.         Please pray for our spiritual walk as a couple, that God will continue to show himself to us and that we can grow together as a couple
2.         Also please pray for Mayi, we´ve gone to the ER twice in one week, first time was because of a throat infection, but the second one was because she had a really bad headache; we tried all pain killers we know before going to the ER, but even then the pain was still there; we got the OK from our health insurance to do a MRI of her brain, this is a very expensive test, but thank God we have health insurance in Lima, it does not cover all but it is a great help.
3.         Please pray for peace as we go to the dcs and see what’s wrong.
4.         Finally, pray for our finances, that God will continue to give us wisdom to manage them and be faithful in all that He has given us

And Remember, Jesus IS the greatest expression of Love from our Father! He is faithful indeed and His mercies are new everyday!!!!
Please let us know how can we be praying for you.
César and Mayerlin Ausejo.

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